Diving Tips

Local Dive Trips

Want to go diving but need a ride to the reef? No problem, we can help you. We have found some of the best dive charter operators to take divers to the reefs and wrecks of South Florida. The hard part is deciding where you want dive. We regularly dive the areas of Jupiter, West Palm Beach, Pompano, Ft. Lauderdale and of course Key Largo. We also take trips to some of the best freshwater springs that Florida has to offer. So check out the info below, and get ready for some great diving.


Most reefs here are in the 50-60’ range which makes it ideal for new divers or divers looking for longer bottom times. Another reef line sits in about 85-95’ and is sometimes done by request. The ledges here are usually no more than 5 feet high but they are covered with tons of coral and sponge growth with colored tropicals everywhere. Some favorites are Double Ledges, Paul’s Reef and Breaker’s. Two of the favorite wrecks are dove on a regular basis by all of the West Palm Beach charters. The Mizpah is a 185’ Greek luxury yacht in about 90’, and the Princess Anne, a former ferry, is a 350’ long wreck in about 95-100’. Both wrecks are home to a large amount of marine life. Lobstering is very popular during the season, but make sure you measure them before you bag ‘em. Check out some great diving in West Palm Beach from Diving Solutions boat, “Spellbound”.


With reefs typically in the 70-85’ range and some not bottoming out until around 90-95’, Jupiter is great for experienced divers who want to see something different.. The ledges here can be very high, sometimes reaching 15 feet or more off the bottom. Not as much coral and sponge growth as the reefs to the south, but the dramatic ledges more than make up for it. Popular reefs include The Tunnels, Capt. Curl and Juno Ball. Jupiter also has a couple of wrecks that are dove on a regular basis. The most popular Jupiter wreck is the Esso Bonaire which lies upright and intact in about 90’ and allows plenty of exploration. Another wreck is sometimes called the Jewfish Barge since it is home to three Big Goliath Grouper. It is somewhat broken up and lying in about 65 feet. Spear fishing can be quite good in Jupiter, as is the lobster hunting. If you want to experience some of Jupiter’s best diving try “Blue Tang”


Most reefs here range from 15-60’ and are very rich with marine life. The ledges here vary quite a bit in height ranging from a couple of feet to ten or more. There are a few shore diving opportunities in the area on the first reef line in about 15-30’. Some of the favorite reefs are the Pompano Drop-Off, Shark Reef and Anglin Reef but it’s the wrecks that really set this area apart. As a benefit of one of the most active artificial reef programs anywhere, as well as a few ships that were just unlucky, the number of wrecks on the ocean floor here is incredible. With depths ranging from 20-260’, there is literally something for everyone. Favorites wreck sites include the Capt. Dan, the Rodeo 25, the Hydro Atlantic and the Lowrance. Catch a ride with South Florida Dive Headquarters to see some of Pompano’s excellent reefs and wrecks.

We also put together group trips to other parts of Florida, such as Key Largo and the numerous freshwater springs. If you are heading to one of these areas, we would be happy to make any recommendations that might help with your trip. Stay tuned for information about any overseas trips in the near future.